Work In Public! (Or, why you really should consider being NPR's Knight-Mozilla fellow!)

Visual journalism experts.

Visual journalism experts. David Sweeney/NPR.

It’s joy to work in public media.

Folks here do amazing journalism, and are awesome to work with.

Why? The non-commercial relationship between us and our audience. We’re not selling them anything. We do sell sponsorship, but have you heard an ad on NPR? They’re the nicest, dullest ads you’ve ever heard, and they aren’t our primary source of income. No, public media exists because, for more than 40 years, our audience has sent us money, just because they want us to keep up the good work.

And this relationship, built with love and trust, permeates the newsroom and the whole organization. It’s fucking cool.

Why Visuals?

The visuals team is trying something weird. We’re a small team (a dozen, not including interns), and we handle all aspects of visual storytelling at NPR. We make and edit: charts and maps, data visualizations, photography and video, and lots of experimental, web-native stories.

We’re mission-driven, and believe that being open-source and transparent in our methods is essential to our role as public media.

And we’re having a pretty fun time doing it.


A fellow on our team will not get a special project, just for you. We don’t work that way. You’ll be our teammate: making stuff with us, learning what we’ve learned, teaching us what you know and what you’re learning elsewhere during your fellowship year.

Your perspective is even more valuable than your skills. We’re still just figuring out the best ways for a mashed-up visual journalism team to work together and make great internet. You will help us make this thing happen.

So come along for the ride! I guarantee it’ll be a tremendous year. Apply now! (It closes August 16th!)

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