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The NPR Visuals team

Love to design and code?

Want to use your skills to make the world a better place?

We’re a crew of visual journalists (developers, designers, photojournalists…lots of things) in the newsroom at NPR headquarters in sunny Washington, DC. We make charts and maps, we make and edit pictures and video, we help reporters with data, and we create all sorts of web-native visual stories.

(And yeah, sometimes it’s kind of weird to be a visuals team at a radio organization. But there’s this special thing about audio. It’s intimate, it’s personal. Well, visual storytelling is really similar. It’s power is innate. Humans invented writing — visual and audio storytelling are built in, deep in our primordial lizard brains. So, anyway, yeah, we fit right in.)

Pictures and graphics are little empathy machines. And that’s our mission. To create empathy. To make people care.

It’s important work, and great fun.

And we’d love it if you’d join us.

We believe strongly that…

You must have…

  • Strong design skills, and experience implementing your designs on the web
  • A steely and unshakable sense of ethics
  • Attention to detail and love for making things
  • A genuine and friendly disposition

Bonus points for…

  • Serious front-end coding skills
  • Experience running user-centered design processes

Allow me to persuade you

The newsroom is a crucible. We work on tight schedules with hard deadlines. That may sound stressful, but check this out: With every project we learn from our mistakes and refine our methods. It’s a fast-moving, volatile environment that drives you to be better at what you do, every day. It’s awesome. Job perks include…

  • Live music at the Tiny Desk
  • All the tote bags you can eat
  • A sense of purpose

Know somebody who’d love this job?

Maybe it’s you?

Email [bboyer@npr.org](mailto:bboyer@npr.org)! Thanks!

This position has been filled.

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Trump's 2016 Victory Speech, Annotated 1 Year Later

Much has changed in the year since Donald Trump gave his election night victory speech. Journalists across the NPR newsroom have annotated his remarks in retrospect, providing context and analysis to his policy promises and noting who, among the people he thanked, is still in the inner circle.


Meaningful analytics for journalism.


A command-line tool to get election results from the Associated Press Election API v2.0. Elex is designed to be friendly, fast and agnostic to your language/database choices.


A JavaScript library for responsive iframes.


On The Team Blog

February 15, 2018

Pym.js Security Alert

A high severity security vulnerability has been found in previous versions of Pym.js, please upgrade as soon as possible