We're looking for a developer to help us build Carebot

The NPR Visuals team

We’re looking for a programmer to join our team for a few months.

Your mission? Break the news’s addiction to pageviews, by bringing meaningful analytics to journalists.


At NPR Visuals, our goal is to make people care. To get them to give a shit about tough problems and people they’ve never met. It’s our job to create empathy in world.

If that’s our goal, how do we know if we’re accomplishing it? How do we celebrate success?

Enter the Carebot!

Because what you choose to celebrate is super important. If your organization celebrates pageviews, people will create work that gets more pageviews. But it’s not our job to get clicks. Our job is to touch hearts. And so we must celebrate stories that do that.

Basic web analytics don’t help us do that. So we applied for a Knight grant to build something we’re calling Carebot.

Carebot will be a little system for gathering, analyzing and distributing better analytics. (Specifically, there’ll be some javascript, some back-end server and API stuff, and a bunch of notification things like email and Slack bots and stuff.) We’ve only got a few months to work on it, so we’re building a prototype. It will help us test an idea: that better analytics make for better journalism.

Who? When? Where?

Carebot will be built by a small team next winter/spring. You’ll be working closely with UX expert Livia Labate, our lead architect David Eads, and other members of the Visuals team.

We’re based in Washington, DC. It’s cool if you work remotely, but we’ll want you here a couple times during the project. (We’d cover those travel costs.)

It’s a three-month gig, Februaryish-Aprilish.

Interested? Email [bboyer@npr.org](mailto:bboyer@npr.org). Know somebody who'd love this? Please spread the word!!!

This position has been filled. Thanks!

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