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A beginner's guide to spatial audio in 360-degree video

We've experimented with bringing 360-degree video and spatial audio together. This guide captures some of our early findings and includes a sample rig as well as tips on recording, editing and publishing. (external link)
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Subverting the story model

How we broke the story model and remade it to suit the new pace of news — and how you can, too (external link)

Simplifying map production

We're experimenting with making simple locator maps in D3 (bypassing ArcMap), with geo data processed through a new command line utility called mapturner.

Creating And Deploying Small-Scale Projects

Our dailygraphics rig offers a fairly lightweight system for developing and deploying small chunks of code-based content, with some useful extras like support for Google Spreadsheets and responsive iframes.

Responsive Charts With D3 And Pym.js

One strategy: Destroy and redraw the graphic based on its container's dimensions every time the page resizes. Also, learn how to make this work in a responsive iframe with Pym.js.

Making Data Tables Responsive

One strategy: Shift from columns of data to rows at small screens. Also, learn how to make this work in a responsive iframe with Pym.js and pull data from a Google Spreadsheet using
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Introducing Pym.js

NPR’s Visuals team breaks down Pym, a new responsive-iframe library and the first project launched from the OpenNews Code Convening. (external link)
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Collaborating On The T-Shirt Project

Interview: Brian Boyer talks with Source about the Planet Money / NPR Visuals project 'Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt.' (external link)
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Network Diagrams Are Hard

It's a challenge to make legible, useful, responsive network diagrams. (external link)

Election 2012: Electoral combinations

Early in the development of the Swing State Scorecard we determined that we wanted to tell a story about how many combinations (2-state, 3-state) of tossup states there are which would win the election for Obama or Romney.

Hello world: Nerd blogging with Jekyll

We're a new team, and we're trying something new (at least for us) as a blog publishing platform: Jekyll, a generator that creates simple, static websites.

We're not breaking any ground with this choice, of course, but we liked the idea of launching a blog that's open source — both its code and also its content.

This initial post is an introduction to Jekyll for the members of our team -- and anyone else who wants to get started with the tool and/or steal our simple code for their own site.